TEL. 291 232 717 - TLM. 912 304 508
VHF CH 16 ou 9
32° 38 '3'' N; 16° 54' 2'' W


• During your stay at the Marina kindly avoid any discharge of sewerage into the sea, you are kindly asked to use the sanitary facilities at the Marina.

• Water is a precious good – SAVE IT – Avoid any unnecessary washing.

• Wash your boat with biodegradable soap.

• Do not throw dirt, litter or any objects into the sea or outside the appropriate containers in the Marina.

• In case of accidental discharges of fuel, specially in the pier or at water level, please immediately advise the staff at the Marina of Funchal.

• Any deteriorated oil must be discharged into adequate containers existent at the Marina.

• Keep the boats unduly lashed in a way that project themselves against the fingers nor obstruct the free passage of people.

Kindly do not

• Do any repairs and work on the fingers which may cause any noise or pollution.

• Swim in theMarinawaters.

• Fish or scuba dive.

• Discharge or clean fish on tho the fingers.

• Sail at more than 2 knots within the Port,Marina area and entrance and exit of both.

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